PCHELP Services

Data and Infrastructure Management


PCHELP has provided services to many clients with dignity and helps to protect vital information systems and its related data. It is not just a good backup plan that keeps PCHELP ahead of its competitors, it is looking at situations from more than one angle and making proper decisions to manage your valuable network and data.

Security and Protection

PCHELP can help your small business take on the daily issues of protecting data from failure or loss. We have seen many different attacks placed on servers and PCs and know how to deal with a breach from virus or intrusion.

Supported Technologies

•Microsoft Windows •Microsoft Exchange •Antivirus Software
•Networking • Firewall Protection •Smart Phones
•Microsoft SQL DBA •Apple/Mac •System Imaging and Backups
•Hard Drive Data Recovery •System Backups •System Uptime and Availability
•Cloud Solutions •Web Design and SMM/SEO •Project Assistance
•System and Software Updates •Business Best Practices •Home Office and VPN
•Remote Assistance •Remote Computing •Wireless Networking
•Server Class Support •Anti-Spam Email Filtering •Residential Computer and Laptop
•PC Upgrades and Service •Laptop Upgrades and Service •LCD Replacement


Can you trust your IT Service Provider?

If not then go with a company that has a proven record of service and confidentiality that is the PCHELP mode of operation. Respect and Trust are our guidelines!

Have a Project to improve production?

Need someone you can TRUST?

These are just a few questions you might ask yourself when looking for a service provider. PCHELP is an experienced computer related service providerwith years of experience from the most basic PC design to complex application and network infrastructure. Taking time and patience is what makes PCHELP.US.COM provide superior support in a constantly changing information technology field.

Are you Overpaying for IT Services?

Does your Technical Support respond in time?

Most computer issues must be resolved quickly but with care not to rush to a solution that does not work. PCHELP responds when you call and also makes sure that if all fails, there is a backup plan. Business can not wait when it comes to computer repair and solutions. A few hours of downtime costs company’s time and money that cannot be regained and can cause production to back up. A fast yet effective solution from PCHELP.US.COM will help get your back to business!

PCHELP.US.COM has a foundation in computer and network services but our most important service is making our customer happy and keeping that customer for a lifetime. We treat each customer’s computer system as if it were our own and can proudly say that we have not lost one customer because we operate with integrity and trust!