Save Money with a second printer!

I just spend $43 dollars on Printer Ink!!!! Wow, I feel like I just filled up the tank in my car, but it was the printer! And I bought it at the cheapest place in town, Wal-mart!!  So I decided to take my own advice and setup a second printer to only print black and white. No, not a new second printer, but a duplicate of the original printer, setup for only draft printing. I have set up printers for my customers before to save them ink but have never done so until today because I didn’t think it would make enough of a difference, but it really does.

To set this up, go into your control panel and printers and devices or printers and faxes. Add a new printer, local printer or network printer depending on your setup. You can always look at the properties of the original printer to get the network IP addres or host name or if it is using a usb cable connection. Proceed to setup the printer and name it BW_Printer so you will know the difference between printing Black and White or Color. Once the printer is installed, right click the printer and go to properties, or if Window 7, printer properties.  On the general tab look for the preferences or printing preferences button. All printer manufacturers are different in designing software, but the gist of what you want to set is a print quality setting of draft ( Most likely choices are draft, normal, best ) and print colors as Black and White. Save the settings and use that printer for only black and white printing that does not need to be the best quality. While testing the new settings you will see the printer will print faster and a lighter than black print, but hey, you are saving money and stretching your ink!  And in this day, every penny counts!